Our flagship magazine targets a unique audience whose parenting and lifestyle needs are varied, complex and, most importantly, are not being met anywhere else.

Avery Magazine is the first South Australian publication to focus solely on the demographic of parents of children and adolescents aged 8 to 18. We are also the only Australian publication to focus on the lifestyle needs of this group.

This is a demographic that goes widely un-catered for by the mainstream media, yet the needs and opportunities of this cohort are great.

With the onslaught of modern, “never-seen-before” issues facing parents of teens and tweens, there is a dearth of information in the current media environment for this group navigating these crucial years.

These parents face some difficult child-rearing issues, many of which simply did not even exist when they were teens themselves. As a result, these parents face unique challenges and situations that require special understanding and attention.

It is clear that parents in this demographic are seeking support, guidance, connection and inspiration when it comes to parenting issues and decisions.

However, running parallel to these parenting issues is a growing sense of freedom for these parents, as their children gain independence.

Coupled with this renewed liberty is generally a greater sense of financial security, as both parents return to full time employment. These parents are now at the stage they can once again focus on themselves and the areas of their life they may have ‘put on hold’ during their formative parenting years. House and home upgrades and renovations, travel, dining, self care. These are the items now firmly back on the agenda for this generation of parents, who have now moved on from the self-sacrificing days of parenting babies and young children.

As a stylish, professional and approachable resource, Avery Magazine aims to help parents to face the challenge of the “in-between” years, through the provision of informative and professional information and advice. But we also hope to inspire parents to re-create their own new lifestyles, as they themselves move onto a different life stage.


This is a select, and powerfully influential portion of the population. Parents in their middle years with a renewed freedom and increased financial capacity.

Parents who are making significant decisions about their children’s future at the “pointy end” of their formative parenting years.

Parents who are finally starting to view themselves as much more than simply a “parent” and are seeking to re-establish their own identity through their personal style, home, real estate, interiors, motoring and leisure choices.

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